How things work

Your first appointment

The LUNA abortion centres work by appointment, so first make a telephone appointment. You can do this on your own initiative or following the referral of a doctor or an aid worker. Don't forget that in Belgium there is a compulsory waiting period of 6 days between the first appointment and the abortion itself.

Your first appointment will comprise a chat with one of our members of the social work and psychology team as well as a medical check-up. Obviously your partner is allowed to accompany you to the LUNA abortion centre.

The chat: during your appointment you can discuss all of your concerns and considerations. You will discuss why your contraception failed and seek out the most suitable method of contraception for you for the future. The various methods of pregnancy termination available will also be explained to you.

The medical check-up:

If you are still in doubt as to your final decision, a further appointment can be made.

When you come to the first appointment, you bring with you: