Quality & Cost

In 2002, the RIZIV/INAMI entered into an agreement with the LUNA abortion centres governing the medical, psychological and social care services to be provided in cases of unwanted pregnancy. Part of that agreement ensured that all recognised abortion centres would henceforth receive direct reimbursement from the mutual health insurance funds for the services they provide.

All abortion centres that meet a series of criteria are officially recognised. They must, for example, adhere to certain quality standards with respect to medical, psychological and social care, available premises and infrastructures, hygiene, level of staff expertise, accessibility and cooperation with a hospital.

In addition, maximum privacy protection standards must be upheld and the conditions set out in the Law of 15 october 2018 on Termination of Pregnancy must be adhered to at all times. Recognition by the RIZIV/INAMI is equivalent to the award of a special quality label.

For women who comply with all compulsory Belgian medical insurance provisions the cost price for the medical and psychosocial care is limited to the co-payment of a couple of Euros. At your first consultation all you need is your identity card and mutual health insurance stickers.

The privacy of all patients, including minors, is guaranteed as part of the agreement. If you are not a member of a mutual health insurance fund, or have not kept your payments up to date, then we will look for a solution for you together. For additional information, contact the LUNA abortion centre of your choice (see ADDRESSES).