Resolution of 3 April 2015

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Abortion Act in Belgium

The abortion service's ambition is a society where abortion is no longer a taboo, nor stigmatised.

Abortion at the request of the woman up to 12 weeks gestation has been laid down in a law in Belgium since 3 April 1990. Furthermore, abortion assistance is reimbursed by the health insurance since 2002.

Because every woman in Belgium should be entitled to an accessible, safe and affordable abortion, we ask:

  1. To remove abortion from the criminal code,
    so that women and first aid workers can no longer be criminally prosecuted.
  2. To allow pregnancy termination at the request of the woman after 12 weeks gestation,
    so that women with such a request for help can also be treated in Belgium.
  3. To provide neutral information via the government's information mediums,
    so that correct information about unwanted pregnancies and abortion help is available to everyone.
  4. To incorporate the subjects of unwanted pregnancy and abortion into the curriculum of medical, paramedical and psychosocial courses,
    so that every woman with an unwanted pregnancy is treated professionally and unprejudiced.
  5. To convert the national evaluation commission into an independent, scientific commission,
    so that scientifically substantiated data is available.


on the occasion of the new law of 15 october 2018

According to this law abortion is no longer a crime.