Legal context

This charter is derived from the working context of LUNA abortion centres. Its institutional background is the Act of 3 April 1990, which partially decriminalised abortion in Belgium and the Act of 15 october 2018, which fully decriminalised abortion, as well as the agreements between the National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance (the “NIHDI/RIZIV/INAMI”) and the ambulatory abortion clinics, signed in 2001.

Open and accessible character

Our LUNA abortion centres provide care in an open and accessible manner. This is exemplified by our way of medical and psychosocial conduct as well as in our approach towards aid for unintended pregnant women.  


The aim of the assistance is that every woman is able to identify with the decision regarding her pregnancy. 

Professional advice

The telephone reception service and patient check-in are generally the first contacts an unintended pregnant woman has with a LUNA abortion centre. Right from these moments, she will be approached in a professional, client-focused and non-paternalistic way. All her options as well as procedures will be carefully and clearly explained. The ultimate goal is making the client feel supported by a structure which is set up to guide her in her decision process – if necessary – and, if desired, to terminate her pregnancy under the most favourable circumstances.

Bespoke CaRe

Our care service is rendered in a diversified approach of the problem(s) an unwanted pregnancy poses; in the different stages of the care-giving process, the individual needs of each client are key. Thus, we conceive the notion of care as flexibly as possible in order to provide the best possible guidance to every client in her specific context. Our interdisciplinary teams that comprise doctors, nurses and counsellors among others, achieve this in part thanks to highly structured internal consultations in which all aspects of the process are meticulously followed up.

A safe haven

The starting point for our services is an unwanted pregnancy. However, an optimal process is only possible with due attention to what that pregnancy means in the life of the client concerned. To this end, a LUNA abortion centre offers its clients a safe haven where they have both the literal and figurative space they need to tell their story and where the aim is that all clients obtain answers to their questions. Our staff are very careful to respect each individual client’s own limits, even when she chooses to make only minimal use of the services on offer.


It is a core directive of LUNA as well as each of its LUNA abortion centres to provide easily accessible information on the care services we offer in the event of an unintended pregnancy, to as broad a target audience as possible.

Best Practice

Because it is our objective to give women the best possible care, new developments in the fields of medicine, psychology and social care are closely monitored and integrated into our work process. All of our LUNA abortion centres set great store by continuous learning.